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Interview with Kevin Caliber, Cover Model from HER TRUE MATCH!

I’m so excited to have you on my blog today! When my editor sent me the cover for HER TRUE MATCH, I was absolutely thrilled. I couldn’t have asked them to pick a better model for the cop hero, Braden Hayes!

-Thanks for the opportunity to bring Braden to life! 

Do the photographer (David Wagner) or publisher (Sourcebooks) tell you anything about the book you’re posingfor? Like what type of hero you’re playing? Do they talk about your character’s “motivation?”

 -Before every shoot we go over all the info that we have about the character and story. We do our best to build a scenario or scene to act out to try and tell a story within  a single photo. I make choices as an actor about the characters motivation and try to give several option for the publisher and of course the author to choose from. 

Can you walk me through the photo shoot?  How many photos did the photographer take? How long did it take? Inquiring minds want to know!

-We shoot for roughly an hour going over several looks and wardrobe options. This one ended up being shirtless with a pistol and turned out fabulous! We take about a thousand pictures looking for that one perfect shot. 

Wow! Have you ever worked with the female model playing the kick-butt heroine, feline shifter Dreya Clark to your hero before the cover shoot for HER TRUE MATCH? Feel free to give her a shout out here if you want!

– This was the first project I had the pleasure of working with the gorgeous model. I would happily back her up on any cover:) I love a strong female and am excited to see how kick-butt she is in the book. 

Well, if you love a strong female, you’ll definitely love her when you read the book. She kicks some serious butt! Did you see the cover before I showed it to you? What did you think of the finished version?

 -Every project that I do I track the progress of. I originally saw the cover on Amazon and was very pleased with the way it turned out. I have been on several covers as law enforcement/bodyguard, but this was the first time I shared a cover with a strong female and that made me happy to see. 

Yes, I love that about my covers, too! Have you done a lot of romance book covers?

I have done quite a few and they are always a blast! I have a shelf full of them and look forward to continue to build my collection. I have done everything from classics like  couple shoots and cowboy to Viking, rock star, and athletes. 

That’s fantastic! What other kind of modeling do you do?

I do a lot of fitness modeling as well as catalogue and commercial print work. Everything out there besides high fashion. LOL. I’m more of a classic type. 

I see that you’re also a stunt performer as well as an actor. I’ve checked out your IMDB page, and you’re in quite a few TV shows! Can you tell me a little about that?

 -Doing my own stunts are something i have always enjoyed as an actor. I hope to be an action star one day so I train in martial arts and stage fighting to prepare me for that. 

And you were a bass player in a band, too?

Music was my first love. I played music for my teens and early 20s. In St. Louis my band “Disober” was played on the local radio station and we were the opening act for several bands I am a fan of. 

Very cool! I also saw on your IMDB page that you were in the Marine Corps. How many years were you in the Marines and where were you stationed? Being a real-life military veteran makes you even more perfect to be on the cover of a military/romantic suspense like HER TRUE MATCH.

 – I spent 3 years in the Marine Corps. I did boot camp in San Diego and was stationed in Camp Pendleton, CA and Camp Lejeune, NC. That’s where I fell in love with SoCal and decided to move here full time. It definitely helps me bring the military type characters to life. 

I completely agree! Some of the heroes and heroines in my X-Ops Series are shifters. They don’t actually turn into animals, but instead have certain traits. For example, as a feline shifter, Dreya Clark, the heroine of HER TRUE MATCH, can see better at night, has a keen sense of smell, has claws and fangs that come out when sheneeds them, runs as fast as a cheetah, and is as agile as a cat. If you could be a shifter in the X-OPS world, what kind of shifter would you want to be, and why?

 -I would like to be a gorilla. They have incredible strength and agility and nobody would mess with a gorilla LOL! 

Okay, I didn’t see that coming! You know, you’ve just give me an idea! On your IMDB page, it says you’re a marathon runner. My hubby and I are as well! Our favorite are the marathons they do at Disney World. Which marathons have you run?

 -I have run several all over the country. My favorite was Niagara Falls which is the Kevin Thomsen international marathon and crosses the border into Canada. The run began in Buffalo, NY and ended at the horse shoe of the falls. It was gorgeous.

I bet! What’s your workout routine like?

– I work out everyday and change it up constantly. I run, hike, and play volleyball outdoors. I cross train, do home workouts,  and classic weight training to keep it interesting. 

I’m a fan of working out every day, too. What are you up to now and where can people find you on the net?

-I have completed several films and TV shows over the last few years that are coming out soon. The TV show “The Catch” is on ABC and I will have an upcoming costar role. “Palisades Justice” is a fun cop show I am a co lead on and should be available on Amazon soon. I also have several films coming out soon including “Ugly Sweater Party”, “Death House”, and “Maternal Instincts”. Please check out my FB page and follow me on IG to find out more. 



Awesome! I’ll have to check them out!

-Big thanks for having me and I look forward to reading the book!

Oh, and by the way, Kevin will be my guest at the release party on FB for HER TRUE MATCH tomorrow night, Tuesday, March 7th from 7 – 9 PM EST!  Hope to see everyone there! 🙂 

And now a Sneak Peek at HER TRUE MATCH!

“This Book Changes Everything…” 

“The best entry of Tyler’s X-Ops series so far . . . the excitement level is cranked up to new heights. TOP PICK.” – RT Book Reviews

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When feline shifter Dreya Clark is escorted from the police interrogation by two secret agents, she thinks she’s dodged a bullet. That sexy detective Braden Hayes caught her stealing red-handed. When she finds out what she has to do to stay out of jail, suddenly she’s missing the hot cop with the piercing gaze. She’s being recruited for her shifter abilities by the Department of Covert Operations.

Braden has been chasing the smart-mouthed cat burglar for years. But when Dreya’s taken away, he knows their game of cat and mouse has turned deadly-serious. There’s no way he’ll let her go off alone. Fur flies and temperatures flare as Braden realizes Dreya is much more than she appears. Thrown together on a dangerous covert mission, this unlikely pair will have to rely on each other to make it out alive.

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