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Interview with Julian Christian, Cover Model from WOLF UNLEASHED!

I’m so excited to have you on my blog today! When my editor sent me the cover for WOLF UNLEASHED, I was absolutely thrilled. I couldn’t have asked them to pick a better model for the hero. You’re perfect for SWAT cop/werewolf hero Alex Trevino! The cover is gorgeous! 🙂

Thank you for having me on your cover Paige. It is quite an honor and the cover came out awesome. I think I was born to portray Alex, and hey were both Italian.

Yes! What types of things do the photographer (David Wagner) or publisher (Sourcebooks) tell you about the book? Do they give you a synopsis of the story or talk about your character’s “motivation?”

Usually we shoot different emotions and scenarios since we often don’t know the synopsis of the story. But we do try to stick with theme the author suggests. Those being danger, suspense and action. 

How many photos does the photographer take?  How long does the shoot take? Inquiring minds want to know!

I would say anywhere from 150 to 200 shots. It usually takes about an hour and a half. It’s shorter than the drive up from San Diego to LA, lol. 

LOL! Well, I appreciate you making the drive! Did you see the completed cover before I showed it to you? What did you think of the finished version?

When you showed it to me it was the first I had seen it. I thought it was really cool. The expression on my face is what really made it stand out. I think that’s what truly makes a great cover. When the eyes tell you something you know it’s good. 

I completely agree! If my SWAT Series gets optioned into a movie or TV show, are you available to play Officer Alex Trevino? 🙂

I’ll have to talk to Steven Spielberg about postponing the remake of Jaws that he has been bugging me to star in but I’m sure he won’t mind. 

LOL! Are you a dog person or a cat person? Keep in mind that your character in the Dallas SWAT (Special Wolf Alpha Team) Series is a werewolf. 🙂

I love all animals and have 2 dogs and 1 cat but I must honestly say I’m a dog person. Dogs make life really special and are truly man’s best friend. But cats are cool, too. 

I feel the same way! I love all animals, but there’s something about dogs! On your FB page, you describe yourself as the “defender of the defenseless.” That’s a phrase I’d use to describe the hero of the book, Alex Trevino. In WOLF UNLEASHED, the SWAT Team has a pit bull mix named Tuffie they rescued in a previous book, and a big part of this book is about taking down a dog fighting ring. What inspired you to become the defender of the defenseless?

I always believed in being the voice of those who can’t speak for themselves. I dedicated my career to helping children with special needs. I started out working with visually impaired/ blind children while doing my undergraduate degree and then went to graduate school at NYU to study occupational therapy. I currently work with special needs children as an occupational therapist. I support children who are born with developmental disabilities function in life and in the school environment through rehabilitation and assistive technology. In addition I support animal rights, social, and environmental causes. Whether it’s calling out SeaWorld for it’s treatment of it’s orcas and dolphins to getting involved in beach clean ups and volunteering with Habitat for Humanity I feel we all can make a difference for what we believe in. 

That’s very awesome! We need more people like that, I think. I love seeing pics of your dogs Rocky and Zoe! They’re so cute! Are they rescues? Tell us about them.

They are spoiled rotten and deservedly so. They bring me so much joy and happiness. It’s true when they say pets provide so much to their owners. I got them from a breeder. I wish I could say they were rescues, but I fell in love with French Bulldogs and had to have had to one and then two. 

 They are completely adorable!The werewolves in my SWAT Series aren’t turned from getting bitten. Instead, they have a gene that “switches on” and turns them into werewolves when they in through a life-and-death situation. Would you like to be a wolf shifter, or another kind of shifter, and why?

That would be very cool. Wolves can out run a human so that would be a good ability to have. They can also rip your throat out if you corner them. So yeah bring it on. 

Yay! As I mentioned, the hero of WOLF UNLEASHED is a SWAT cop. Was police officer ever something you wanted to be when you were a kid? If not, what did you want to be?

I never wanted to be a police officer growing up even though I have great respect for them. I actually wanted to be a veterinarian because I loved animals. 

I always say that if I weren’t a writer I’d want to work with animals, too! Actually, I’d love to make enough from my writing to have a no-kill shelter. I wish I could save all of them! Switching gears here, what’s your typical workout routine like?

Lot’s and lot’s of sex. Lol. Seriously I train with weights 5 days a week with cardio 3 times a week. I surf, hike and mountain as much as I can as well. Nothing beats exercise in the outdoors. Also stick with a pretty good diet. Never eat meat or dairy, just fish and lot’s of fruit and vegetables.

Favorite movie?
Cinema Paradiso

Favorite sport?

What are you up to now and where can people find you on the net?

I’m on Facebook so please feel free to say hello. I’m currently contemplating writing my own fitness book and working hard at saving the Planet. 

Both awesome! And if you write that book, let me know! Thanks so much for being on my blog today!

Oh, and by the way, Julian will be my guest at the release party on FB for WOLF UNLEASHED (SWAT) tomorrow night, Tuesday December 6th from 7 – 9 PM EST!  Hope to see everyone there! 🙂 

And now, a sneak peek at WOLF UNLEASHED (SWAT)!


Lacey Barton can’t deny her crazy attraction to Alex Trevino, but that doesn’t mean she has time for the gorgeous SWAT officer. She’s hell-bent on discovering who’s behind the brutal dogfights sending countless mauled animals to her veterinarian office. The trail leads Lacey to a ring of vicious drug dealers and suddenly she’s in way over her head-right smack in the middle of a SWAT stakeout.

With Lacey in danger, Alex’s wolf side is unleashed. But when she witnesses Alex shift, she’s even more terrified… Now it’s up to Alex to crack the case-and earn back Lacey’s trust and, ultimately, her heart.

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