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Interview with Cover Model Nathan Tetreault!

To celebrate the release of HER ROGUE ALPHA, Book 5 in my X-OPS Series, I did an interview with the handsome cover model Nathan Tetreault!

I’m so excited to have you on my blog today! When my editor sent me the cover for HER ROGUE ALPHA I was absolutely thrilled. I couldn’t have asked them to pick a better model for the Special Forces hero, Lieutenant Jayson Harmon!

Do the photographer (David Wagner) or publisher (Sourcebooks) tell you anything about the book you’re posing for? Like what type of hero you’re playing? Do they talk about your character’s “motivation?”

Yes, they both did. David and his partner were extremely helpful and great to work with. As an actor, it’s nice to have a background story and that made it easier to understand the character’s motivation. 

Can you walk me through
the photo shoot?  How many photos did the
photographer take? How long did it take? Inquiring minds want to know!
The photo shoot was fun to do. It only took about an hour and a half. David is really good at efficiently using his time and his model’s time. We took about 100-200 photos. David is great to work with because he knows what he’s looking for, is extremely respectful, and he’s very passionate about what he does. When the photographer and model love what they do, it makes the job fun, easy going, and time flies. David is a humble guy especially after the talent that he’s worked with before me. It was a pleasure and honor to work with him.
Have you ever worked with
the female model playing the kick-butt heroine, feline shifter Layla Halliwell
to your hero before the cover shoot for HER ROGUE ALPHA? Feel free to give her
a shout out here if you want!
I have not worked with her prior to working with her for the book cover. We kind of just jumped into the shoot that day. I do my best to work well with others as the project isn’t solely about the model. I always think about how I can make the production better through my use of time and energy. It’s a collaboration and there’s a lot that has to take place to make the final product, in this case, the book cover. It’s just a pleasure to be a part of it.
Did you see the cover before I showed it to you? What did you think of the finished version?
No, I don’t think so. I thought it was great. The colors were different than the previous covers and the character portrayal looked good as well on both our parts. 
Have you done a lot of romance book covers?
Yes, probably a dozen or so. There are books that I haven’t seen yet. Truly an honor to be on one of yours, Paige.
What other kind of modeling do you do?
The other kinds of modeling I do are fitness and lifestyle. 
I see that you’re also a stunt performer as well as an actor. Can you tell me a little about that?
Yes, I trained stunts which was humbling and fun. That training led to a stunt credit in a film. I’ve been acting for a couple years, professionally and have a BA in Theater. I love being on set and using that as a platform to inspire others to do what they love. Although, my palate has changed since coming to Christ in June 2016, now I am focused on faith based projects to glorify God. 
You also own a company called Natro Fitness. Tell us about that.
Yes, the name originated on my second deployment to the Middle East in 2012-2013. My good friend Musella, we called him “Moose” because he’s a big Type A dude (laughs). I was hosting a boot camp to help raise moral and get people fit while over seas and while I was creating marketing material to blast out for the base, I was trying to figure out a good name. My friend said why don’t you call it Nitro or Natro Fitness…because of my robust and intense personality. So I kept it ever since. NatroFitness is about training to live and not living to train. The philosophy is simple: it’s about pushing yourself past your comfort zone and having fun while you’re at it. I’m a fitness coach, motivator, and aim to inspire the uninspired. And now I do it through Christ. 
That’s awesome! I saw on your IMDB page that you were in the US Air Force. How many years were you in the Air Force and where were you stationed? Being a real-life military veteran makes you even more perfect to be on the cover of a military/romantic suspense like HER ROGUE ALPHA.
Thanks for checking out my IMDB! Yes, I served in the USAF-R for six years. I spent about three of those years active duty. I served two deployments to the Middle East and traveled most of the world for different missions. I was stationed at Westover ARB, MA. While I was serving in the military, I completed my BA at U-Mass Amherst, MA. Yes, I agree, real experience is always best when acting out different characters because it give it that real-life feel and look. Also people can relate more when they see authentic work. 
Some of the heroes and heroines in my X-Ops Series are shifters. They don’t actually turn into animals, but instead have certain traits. For example, as a feline shifter, Layla Halliwell, the heroine of HER ROGUE ALPHA, can see better at night, has a keen sense of smell, has claws and fangs that come out when she needs them, runs as fast as a cheetah, and is as agile as a cat. If you could be a shifter in the X-OPS world, what kind of shifter would you want to be, and why?
I would be a wolf. I love wolves and was blessed to actually meet a few up close and personal. It was an awesome experience. They are very mystic, loving, and powerful animals.

What’s your workout routine like?

I used to do split training (ex: chest and back). Now, I train to keep and grow strength but stay flexible. Being strong but tight has many limitations. Being strong and flexible is much better for overall mobility. I train about 4-6 days/week. I warm up in the sauna for 5 mins, hit the weights for 30-45 mins, sauna for about 10-15 mins after, sometimes the cool dip, and then shower and get on with my day. A lot of my training is core and metabolic based. I hit the spin bike or stairs every other day for about 30 mins in intervals.

What are you up to now and where can people find you on the net?

I’m currently working on an active wear apparel line to help share the Gospel with my brother Todd Tetreault. We are currently in the developmental stage. We are also working on a documentary and have two feature film scripts on the way, currently in development as well. 

You can find us on Instagram and Facebook: and for more info on our upcoming projects. 

Our website will be launched shortly as well where you can find blogs, vlgos, and other awesome and inspiring things! We will announce on our social media. Feel free to find me at and  

Thanks for trusting in me to deliver a great cover. I enjoyed working with you, Paige. Hope you are happy with your new book cover and I wish you much continued success! God bless and look forward to working together again. 

I enjoyed working with you too! Thanks so much for being on my blog today!

Oh, and by the way, Nathan will be my guest at the release party for HER ROGUE ALPHA (X-OPS 5) September 6th from 7 – 6 PM EST! Hope to see everyone there! 🙂 

And now, a sneak peek at HER ROGUE ALPHA (X-OPS 5)!

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Former Special Forces Lieutenant Jayson Harmon can’t believe that his war scars don’t matter to beautiful feline shifter Layla Halliwell. Why would she saddle herself with a broken man?

But Layla knows that Jayson is a hero to the core, and that only she can heal his wounded soul. So when Jayson is deployed on another deadly mission, no way is Layla staying behind…






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