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I Took Cassandra Up On Her Dare!

The girls over at the Midnight Moon Cafe held a game of Naughty Truth or Dare last week, which I totally enjoyed participating in! I’m not much for the dare part of the game though, so I was very truthful with all my replies. This past weekend, however, I got an email from Cassandra Curtis over at the Midnight Moon Cafe saying she had this really great dare she wanted to use for the game, but since no one else had chosen to take a dare, she wanted to know if I’d give it a try. Well, normally, I don’t give in to dares, but since this one sounded like so much fun, I couldn’t resist!

The dare? I had to get on all fours and let my hubby balance a glass of water on my back. He then had to caress any and all exposed parts of my body. If the glass tipped over or fell, I’d get a spanking!

Like I said, how could I resist?

It was so funny because my hubby thought for sure that I was going to knock the glass of water over because admittedly, I’ve been known to wiggle and squirm in total delight and pleasure when he caresses and kisses me all over, but I completely surprised him by staying in place! The glass threatened to topple a couple of times, but it didn’t fall over. Of course, afterward, I got a totally yummy spanking for doing so well!

Who knew a glass of water could be so erotic?


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Pamela Tyner says July 24, 2007

LOL! That was a naughty dare. Sounds like either way you were guaranteed a spanking 😉

Cassandra says July 24, 2007

Hee, hee…I love the kind of dares where you win either way. LOL

We had so much fun with our Truth or Dare contest! And I am so happy you took the Dare! Now, wasn’t that fun? ::wink::

If you think I am delightfully ingenious with a glass of water, you should see what other naughty trouble I can devise. Hee, hee…

Cora Zane says July 24, 2007

LOL! Way to go, Paige! Congrats on a successful dare. ^_^

paigetyl says July 25, 2007

Pamela – Exactly!

Casandra – Me, too! And yes, it was totally fun!

Cora – Thanks!


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