DEAD SEXY Gets the GOLD STAR AWARD from JERR! – Paige Tyler – New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author


I’m so excited! Reviewer Tara Leigh from JERR gave DEAD SEXY, my hot paranormal romance from Ellora’s Cave, the GOLD STAR AWARD! Check it out!

“Although I had misgivings regarding the story line for Dead Sexy, I am happy to report that I was dead wrong. While zombies are generally the stuff of a more macabre genre, the unusual plot of Dead Sexy is a masterful blend of both mild horror and romance. Because Drake Parrish is such a womanizing bastard my initial reaction to him was one of revulsion. But the curse that turns him into a part time zombie on the outside, transforms him for the better on the inside, and after eight years of living in seclusion he comes to realize his punishment might be rightly deserved. In his desperation for human companionship I soon grow to feel sorry for him but never pity because Drake is such a compelling character. For me he embodies the ultimate hero; strong, assertive, intelligent, brave, understanding and sexy as all get out. When he meets best selling romance writer Simone Kent, he can’t believe his luck. Simone is smart, down to earth and most importantly, possessed of common sense. She is feminine but not a wimp, which imbues her with a realness we don’t often see in heroines. When Simone and Drake realize their online business chats are leading to something more, both have misgivings. Simone has been in too many failed relationships and Drake is afraid of wanting more than he should expect given the circumstances. It is so refreshing to see that while both recognize their hang-ups they don’t play games. Instead they throw caution to the wind to see where things may lead and this allows more time to explore and develop their relationship. Their sexual chemistry is instantaneous. And while each encounter with our hero and heroine desperately leaves both them, and you, longing for a steamy sack session. Instead we’re teased with a slow build giving everyone a chance to get to know one another. But when the time is right, Ms. Tyler unleashes with some exceptionally steamy and prolonged love making. So be sure you’re “equipped” to handle it. Now, willing to express himself with a woman on an emotional level, Drake practically consumes Simone with the depth of his passion. With Drake, Simone is able to give her self over completely, without reserve, and the result is intensely erotic. They can’t seem to get enough of each other. Every conversation, touch and look, both in and out of bed strengthens their connection to one another and left me breathless after each one. But never forget black magic is afoot and a wicked voodoo priestess is looking to put an end to their happily ever after by finishing what she started. Nothing is as it seems. And while the situations Drake and Simone face are stranger than fiction, their reactions and dialog are totally understandable and believable because it is no different than how you or I would react. You too will find yourself reading until well beyond the witching hour. Thrilling, suspenseful and passionate Dead Sexy is a wicked read and very deserving of a Gold Star Award.”

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