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The Magic Spell is a Bestseller!

My most recently published book, The Magic Spell, a time-travel romance, is now a bestseller on Romantic Spankings! Alanna Simms has been having a problem finding Mr. Right. But when she and her friends stumble across a charm shop just in time for Halloween, her friends think they have found the solution to her problem. […]


Letting Our Vanilla Friends in on Our Secret!

My hubby and I recently decided to let some of our friends in on our secret. It was actually getting kind of difficult not to, since they know that I’m a writer, and were always asking what I write and where they could find my books! The first person we told is a friend of […]


Life Imitates Art!

In my book, Taking Her Friend’s Advice, the main characters, Kaelyn and Holt, decide to go to a spanking costume party, and she dresses up in a schoolgirl outfit. Since I’ve always wanted to dress up like a naughty schoolgirl for my hubby, I decided to take a page from my book and surprise him! […]


Combining Two of My Favorite Things!

A comment from Tiggs, one of my readers, got me thinking about a spanking my hubby gave me at Disney World a little while ago, so I thought I’d share it with everyone. Okay, it was actually in the hotel, not one of the parks, but since it was a Disney hotel, it counts as […]


Spanking in Mainstream Romance!

I’ve been fascinated with spanking ever since I started reading historical romance books as a teenager. I read the spanking scene in Defy Not the Heart by Johanna Lindsey so many times, the book practically fell open to that page! My favorite spanking scene from a mainstream romance, however, is, without a doubt, from Gypsy […]


Review of Our Yummy New Wood Paddle!

Though we used the wood paddle we won as a door prize at the spanking party that night in our suite, it was late and we were tired, so it was just a quickie spanking, so I figured I’d wait to give you my thoughts on it until we had used it more fully, which […]


More on the Spanking Party!

Well, as I said, we combined the spanking party with a vacation at Disney World, so we actually stayed at Disney and only attended the party in the evenings, but we had a great time! We arrived at the hotel in Tampa a little later than we would have liked to on Friday evening because […]


Reader Survey!

I’m doing a reader survey over on my website, Paige Tyler – Author of Romantic Spanking Stories, so if you have a favorite story or just want to comment on any of the novellas you’ve read, I’d love to hear from you! *hugs*Paige


A Disney Vacation Complete with Spanking!

My hubby and I just got back from Disney World (my favorite place to go on vacation, by the way!) where we not only had lots of fun going on rides and doing all the other magical stuff Disney has to offer, but also attending our first spanking party! And before you ask, no, it […]

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