4 Cherries for MR. RIGHT-NOW from Whipped Cream! – Paige Tyler – New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

4 Cherries for MR. RIGHT-NOW from Whipped Cream!

I’m so excited! Fern from Whipped Cream Reviews gave MR. RIGHT- NOW, my hot erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave, 4 Cherries! Sweet!

“Mr. Right-Now is a wickedly hot story with oodles of sexual heat. Author Paige Tyler has created two super-sexy characters that are both passionate and adventurous, and each of their encounters is more sizzling than the one before. The shift in Kate and Dawson’s feelings unfolds as it should, slowly and over time, and provides a dash of romance and tension. Dawson sees the potential for something more with Kate but fears asking for more, while Kate experiences the same concern. As they skirt around the issue, yet, fall harder for one another, you’ll hover on the edge of the pages to learn what happens next.

The writing is fantastic, and the pace never slows. You get heat, you get heart, and you get a wonderful story. This is definitely something erotica fans will enjoy, but also includes enough heart for those who expect a touch of romance.

Be sure to put Mr. Right-Now on your TBR list!”

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