Looks can be deceiving...

Beautiful Laken Andara is determined to find a way to be with her fiance. The only problem is
that he’s on a planet half a galaxy away. To get there, she sneaks on board a cargo ship
heading in that direction. But stowing away is a crime, and the captain has his own special way
of dealing with spoiled brats who sneak on board his ship. He puts them over his knee and
spanks them!

Outraged at being manhandled by the handsome Rade Karsten, but desperate to be reunited
with her fiance, Laken has no choice but to put up with Rade and his spankings.

As Laken gets swept up in Rade’s world of piracy and intrigue, she discovers that men can
sometimes be more - and sometimes less - than what they first appear, and she finds herself
falling hard for the rogue who drags her over his knee for a sound spanking every time she
disobeys his orders.   
Excerpt                                                                                                                                                                                © Paige Tyler, 2010

“You can’t keep me here against my will. That’s kidnapping.”

He turned on her, dark eyes glinting. “Actually, it’s not. I’m the captain of a ship you decided to stow away on, sweetheart, which means I
can do anything I damn well please. You should be grateful. If you were a man, I’d treat you like the criminal you are and have you locked
up in the hold instead of putting you in a cabin.”

Arrogant bastard. Snatching her purse off the table, she pulled out her com. “My father is a very influential man back on Tellune. When he
finds out you’re keeping me prisoner...”

Her tirade came to an abrupt halt as Karsten grabbed the com from her hand and snapped it closed. “Don’t be an idiot. We’re in deep
space, so that communicator won’t do you any good. Not that I’d let you use it anyway.”

She’d never been in deep space before, so she didn’t know if he was lying or not, but she was damn well going to try. Undeterred by his
glower, she reached for her communicator, trying to wrestle it from his strong grip. “Give that back to me. It’s mine, dammit.”

One minute, she was struggling with him for possession of her com, the next she had pulled it out of his grasp, only to have the stupid thing
slip out of her hand and fall to the floor with a metallic clatter as pieces went everywhere.

Laken stared down at what was left of her com in stunned silence for a moment before she lifted her head to glare at him. “Damn you! Look
what you did.”

He clenched his jaw. “I didn’t do anything. You did. Now, stop acting like a brat and start behaving yourself.”

For some reason, she was more furious with him calling her a brat than she was by the fact that he’d broken her com. Her eyes narrowed
as she spied something on his desk.

“Fine.” she snapped. “I’ll just use yours, then.”

Laken brushed past him, intending to reach for the communicator on the desk, but he grabbed her arm and spun her around to face him.
She struggled to free herself, but his grip was like iron. She had never been manhandled like this in her entire life. She had made men so
angry before that they’d turned red in the face, but not one of them had never dared lay a hand on her.

“Let go of me!”

“It seems I didn’t make myself clear before.” Karsten’s voice was soft. “While you’re on board my ship, you will do as I tell you, when I tell

She glared up at him. “Is that so? Well, I have a newsflash for you, you arrogant bastard. I’m not one of your crew. That means I don’t take
orders for you.”

The muscle in his jaw flexed and for a moment, she thought he might back down, but then the corner of his mouth quirked. “We’ll see about

Before Laken could ask what the hell he meant by that, he turned on his heel and dragged her across the room.

“What are you...?”

The words came out in a rush of breath as he sat down in the chair behind the desk and yanked her over his knee. The position was so
humiliating that Laken couldn’t do anything but lay there, her bottom in the air. It didn’t help that she had to put her hands on the floor just
to keep her balance. Or that he put a strong hand on her back to hold her in place when she finally tried to push herself upright.

She craned her neck to glare at him over her shoulder. “Let me up right now!”

“Not until we get a few things straight,” he ground out. “First, I’m the captain of this ship, and you’ll treat me as such. Second, as a
stowaway, you can and will be punished as I see fit. And third, if you continue to act like a spoiled brat, this spanking will only be the first of

Her eyes went wide. Spanking. He was joking, right? She’d never been spanked in her life and she wasn’t about to get one now. She
opened her mouth to tell him to go to hell when his hand came down hard on her ass.
© 2012 Paige Tyler