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Excerpt                                                                                                                                                                                © Paige Tyler, 2007

Spicing Up Her Marriage

Madison Holloway regarded her pretty blond-haired friend over the rim of her coffee mug. Both of their husbands worked at the same
architectural consulting firm, and with all of the parties and social functions the company held it was natural that she and Heather Lowelle
had become friends. They also lived on the same block as each other, which meant that they were able to spend a lot of time together.
Their friendship had deepened over time to the point that Madison now felt that she could talk to Heather about anything.

They had just come back from their weekly Pilates class at the gym, and as they usually did, they were relaxing over coffee.

“Heather, can I ask you something?”

From where she sat curled up on the other end of the couch, the other girl nodded. “Sure,” she said, taking a a sip of coffee. “What is it?”

Madison hesitated for a moment, chewing on her lower lip as she tried to come up with the most diplomatic way to word the question.
Deciding that being straightforward would probably be the best, she tucked a strand of brunette hair behind her ear, took a deep breath
and met her friend’s gaze levelly for almost a whole five seconds before lowering her own to look down at her coffee.

“How many times a week do you and Derek...have sex?” she finally said.

If Heather thought the question were too personal, she gave no indication of it. Not that she would, Madison supposed. After all, it wasn’t
like this was the first time that the two of them had ever talked about sex. But they had always kept their conversations general and rather
superficial. Asking a detailed question like this seemed to be somehow a little more private. But Madison needed some advice.

Her friend only shrugged, though. “Three or four,” she said, and then smiled as she added, “Sometimes more, if he comes home for a
quickie at lunch.”

Madison blinked, but said nothing. A quickie at lunch? Her husband, Trent, hadn’t come home to have a quickie at lunch since they were
newlyweds, and that had been four years ago. Heather and her husband had been married almost twice that. Trent and Derek worked in
the same office. If Derek came home, she didn’t know why Trent couldn’t. Madison frowned. Just one more thing to think about.

“Why?” Heather asked, taking another sip of coffee. “How many times do you guys have sex?”

Now it was Madison who shrugged. “Once or twice, usually on the weekend,” she admitted. “Unless we’re too busy to get around to it.” She
thought a moment, and then added, “But I’m a little worried about the quality of it more than the quantity. Even when we do find the time to
make love, it’s not as exciting as it used to be. I mean, I love Trent with all my heart, but it’s like our marriage is missing something in the sex

God, she couldn’t believe she was even talking about this, even if it were with her best friend. But if she didn’t discuss it with someone,
Madison thought she was going to go crazy. When she and Trent were first married, they couldn’t seem to keep their hands off each other.
Now, their lovemaking consisted of a few kisses, some quick foreplay, and sex in the missionary position before bedtime. It wasn’t that Trent
wasn’t interested in her anymore; it was just that their sex life had gotten into a rut, and she wanted to do something about it before it got
any duller.

“After a few years, that’s kind of natural,” Heather was saying, her voice soft and understanding.

Madison gave her a rueful smile. “Apparently not for you and Derek.”

Heather laughed. “Derek and I went through the same thing, believe me,” she said. “We just had to learn how to spice things up.”

Madison’s brow furrowed. “What do you mean?”

Heather shrugged. “We just decided together that we had to try different things and pay a little bit more attention to both of our needs. We
started with sex toys first, you know, dildos and vibrators, and then experimented with some light bondage and role-playing.” She gave
Madison a naughty smile. “But what really did it for us was spanking.”

As the other girl spoke, Madison had been trying to imagine her and Trent being adventurous enough to try something like bondage, but at
the mention of spanking, her blue eyes went wide.

“Spanking?” she said in disbelief. “You can’t be serious!”

But Heather only grinned.

Madison frowned. “Derek...spanks you?”

“Only when I’ve been bad,” the other girl admitted, still smiling. “And I make sure that I’m bad a lot.”

Madison didn’t know what to say to that, but thankfully she didn’t have to because at that moment, the telephone rang. Setting her mug
down on the coffee table, Heather went into the kitchen to answer it. The house had an open floor plan, much like Madison and Trent’s
home did, and as Madison watched her friend pick up the cordless phone and hold it to her ear, she tried to picture the pretty blond being
put over her husband’s knee for a spanking, but all she could seem to think about was what she would look like in that same position.

The image of herself draped over her handsome husband’s knee was so vivid that it made Madison blush, and she hastily took a sip of
coffee as Heather came back into the living room.

“You know,” Heather said, picking up her coffee mug and sitting down on the couch again. “You and Trent might want to think about giving
spanking a try before you totally rule it out.” She smiled. “It can be really fun, not to mention a complete turn-on.”

Madison shook her head. “I don’t see how getting spanked can be a turn-on,” she said, and then, suddenly afraid that she’d just insulted
her friend, she quickly added, “But that doesn’t mean you can’t be into it.”

Heather laughed, assuring Madison that she hadn’t been offended. “Hey, I never would have thought that I’d enjoy being spanked, either,
until I tried it a few times, but whatever. Different strokes, right?” was all she said.

Much to Madison’s relief, Heather changed the subject, and they were talking about what a killer workout they’d gotten that morning at their
Pilates class when the sound of the garage door opening made her friend’s brown eyes go wide.

“That’s Derek!” she exclaimed. “I forgot he was coming home for lunch.”

Remembering their earlier conversation about the other couple’s penchant for lunchtime quickies, Madison couldn’t help but be a little
envious as she heard the car door close. She was just getting ready to ask if she should leave, but apparently Heather had other ideas.

In a flash, Heather was off the couch. Grabbing Madison’s hand, she pulled her to her feet. “Quick, in here!” she said, leading her across
the space to the bonus room they had off their living room and half-pushing her inside. “I was supposed to be cleaning up in there so that
we can start painting and I don’t want him to know that I spent the entire morning talking with you instead.”

Madison’s brow furrowed in confusion, but before she could say anything, Heather pulled the door halfway closed and hurried back into the
living room. Looking around, Madison’s brow lifted as she took in her surroundings. The room looked like a carbon copy of one that she
and Trent had in their house, only with more junk. Heather had mentioned something about them wanting to turn it into a game room, but
that had been weeks ago. Wondering how long she was going to be confined there, Madison glanced out the half-open door just in time to
see Heather throw her arms around her husband’s neck and kiss him passionately on the mouth.

Both tall, blond, and athletically built, Heather and Derek made an attractive couple, and as Madison watched them kissing, she found
herself wondering how she could get her own husband to come home for lunch sometime. But then her attention was drawn back to the
couple in the living room as she heard Derek’s deep voice.

“So,” he said, tucking a strand of hair behind his wife’s ear. “Did you clean up like I asked you to?”

Heather hesitated, chewing on her lower lip. “Uhm...not really.”

Derek folded his arms over his chest and when he spoke his voice had taken on a firm tone. “Why not, Heather?”

Madison hoped that she hadn’t gotten her friend into any trouble. She definitely didn’t want to hide out back here and hear them have an
argument. And what if he came in the cluttered room? It was what they were talking about, after all. She would be completely mortified to be
found eavesdropping.

Madison saw her friend look away, as if not wanting to meet her husband’s gaze. “Madison came over after our workout and we got to
talking, and before I knew it, it was already noon,” Heather said softly.

Derek lifted a brow as he regarded his wife. “Heather, you got back from your workout three hours ago,” he said. “Are you trying to tell me
that you’ve done nothing but talk that whole time? You promised me that you’d get that room done today.”

Heather put her hands on her hips and lifted her chin. “It’s not like I could throw her out,” she told him indignantly. “Besides, she always
comes over after our workout.”

“So, you’re blaming Madison?”

Heather quickly shook her head. “No, of course not,” she said, looking up at him. “It’s just that...”

“You were trying to make excuses for not doing as you were told,” Derek interrupted.

Heather opened her mouth as if to reply, but then lowered her gaze to stare down at the floor, and Madison’s brow furrowed at her friend’s
odd behavior. Heather had always been spunky and Madison had never seen her step back from a confrontation. But Heather definitely
didn’t look defiant now. In fact, she looked totally meek.

“Go get the hairbrush, Heather,” Derek said.

The words were so soft that Madison almost hadn’t heard them, but Heather jerked her head up, her eyes wide.

“B-but...” she stammered.

“Now, Heather,” her husband ordered, and this time, his tone brooked no argument.

It wasn’t like he was mad at her, Madison thought, just very firm. Though she couldn’t imagine what he wanted the hairbrush for.

Heather didn’t hesitate, but turned and made her way across the living room toward the stairs. To do so, she had to pass the room in which
Madison was hiding, and as she did, Madison could see the other girl’s lips curve into a smile as her friend hurried up the stairs.

Abruptly, the conversation she and Heather had had earlier about spanking came rushing back to her and Madison blinked. Surely,
Heather’s husband wasn’t going to spank her, she thought. But as Heather came back downstairs with a highly-polished wooden hairbrush
in her hand, Madison realized that Derek was going to do just that.

For some reason, Madison felt as if she should look away. It just didn’t seem right to see her best friend get punished. But her curious side
made her stay right where she was. She couldn’t help but remember what Heather had said about spanking being a total turn-on.

Easing closer to the door for a better view, Madison stood transfixed as she watched the scene unfold before her.
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Spicing Up Her Marriage
Madison Holloway wants to spice up her marriage, so she asks her friend for a little advice
and is shocked when the other girl mentions that spanking might be just the thing. How
could spanking be fun? After witnessing her friend get one, Madison is so intrigued she
wants to try it herself. But how is she going to get her husband, Trent, to spank her? There
has to be a better way than coming out and asking for one, right?

Taking Her Friend's Advice
Kaelyn Radcliff falls head over heels for Holt McCall, the guy Madison set her up with.
There’s just one problem - Holt wants to put her over his knee and spank her. After some
convincing on the part of her new boyfriend - and on the advice of her friend - she finally
agrees to give it a try, if for no other reason than to get Holt to drop the whole subject. She
might think spanking isn't her thing, but her bottom has ideas of its own. Will she have the
courage to take her friend’s advice and admit to both Holt - and herself - what she’s really

It's Just a Job
After Brooke Fontaine quits her job to follow her dream and become a writer, she discovers
her money isn’t stretching as far as she'd hoped. When Kaelyn mentions she knows a guy
who needs a model for a photo shoot, she jumps at it. There’s just one hitch. The photos
are for a spanking publication, and Alex Cunningham, the gorgeous guy who hires her, has
no idea she’s never been spanked before. Brooke figures she can fake it. Not only does
she enjoy spanking a lot more than she thought, but she falls the guy who’s giving them to
Taking Her Friend's Advice

Convinced that she might drive herself crazy if she didn’t confront Holt about his fixation with spanking soon, Kaelyn lifted her head from
where she had been resting it against his shoulder.

“Holt,” she said.  

At the sound of his name, Holt turned his head to look at her and she felt her resolve falter a little when those gorgeous blue eyes of his
met hers.  Determined to finally talk to him about the whole spanking issue, however, she took a deep breath and forced herself to

“I need to ask you something, and I want you to answer me honestly.”

Picking up the remote, he lowered the sound on the television before he nodded. “Sure, babe, go ahead.”

Kaelyn hesitated.  The words had seemed so much easier when she’d been practicing them in her head, she thought.  “I...uhm...”  

Flushing, she got to her feet and walked around the coffee table to stand in front of it before turning back around to find Holt leaning
forward on the couch, his forearms resting on his thighs.

With a sigh, Kaelyn ran a hand through her long hair, pushing it back from her face.  “I’m not sure how to even ask you this, probably
because if I’m wrong, I’m going to be really embarrassed, so I’m just going to come right out and say it.”

His brow furrowing, Holt eyed her warily.  “Okay, but you’re starting to worry me,” he said slowly.  “What’s this about?”

She took a deep breath.  “Are you into spanking?”

His eyes widened in surprise at the question, and Kaelyn hurried on before he could answer.  “Don’t try to deny it, Holt,” she warned him.  
“You’re constantly making comments about my bottom, and you’re pretty obvious about touching me there all the time.  And then, the other
night, you smacked me on the ass while we were making love.  And I suspect that you probably would have continued to do it if I hadn’t
tensed up, so don’t try to deny it.”

Holt’s eyes narrowed, his earlier promise not to push Kaelyn on the subject forgotten at the confrontational tone in her voice.  “I wasn’t
going to deny it,” he told her, getting to his feet and folding his arms over his chest.  In the tiny living room, he stood no more than a hand’s
length from her.  “You have a very spankable ass, and I get turned on every time I think about putting you over my knee.  So, to answer
your question, yes, I’m into spanking.”

Kaelyn felt herself blush at the picture his words had created in her mind.  She had known the answer to her question before she had even
asked it, of course, but it was still shocking to hear him admit it so blatantly.  “Well, I’m not!” she told him hotly.

He lifted a brow.  “How do you know you’re not?” he countered.  “Have you ever been spanked?”

Her color deepened.  Dammit, why did she blush so easily?  “Of course not!”

His mouth quirked.  “Then how do you know that you don’t like it?”

“I don’t have to try something to know I don’t like it!” she shot back, lifting her chin.

Holt shrugged.  “Maybe not,” he agreed.  “But you don’t know what you’re missing out on by not at least giving it a try.  Sometimes, people
decide in advance that they’re not going to like something for any number of reasons.”  Taking a step closer to her, he reached up to
gently cup her jaw.  “But it doesn’t have to be like that.  Spanking can be a very erotic experience.”

His voice was so soft that it was like velvet, and Kaelyn felt her traitorous pulse skip a beat.  For some reason, she felt a sudden urge to
give into his calm logic, but she knew that she couldn’t do that.  And yet, it was all she could do to make herself disagree with him.  
“Apparently, we have completely different definitions of erotic.  I don’t see how getting smacked on the ass can be anything other than
painful,” she said stubbornly.

He gazed down at her with those impossibly blue eyes of his.  “Then let me show you,” he said, a small smile quirking his mouth.

Alarmed, she took a step back.  “No!”

Holt’s jaw tightened as he folded his arms across his broad chest again.  “Why not?” he demanded.  “Afraid that I’ll prove you wrong and
that you’ll actually discover you enjoy being spanked?”

“Of course not!”  Kaelyn couldn’t believe this!  She and Holt were having their first fight, and it was about something as ridiculous as him
wanting to spank her.

He regarded her in silence for a moment.  “Or maybe you don’t want me to spank you because you’re too much of a control freak.”

She blinked.  “I am not!”  She had no idea where that had come from.  One second they had been talking about spanking, and now he was
accusing her of being a control freak.

Holt lifted a brow.  “Really?” he said.  “That’s what spanking is all about, giving up a little bit of control.  So, prove that you don’t have to be
in control all the time.  Agree to a spanking.”

Kaelyn stared at him aghast, wondering if she’d heard correctly.  It was almost like he was daring her.

The corner of his mouth quirked.  “If you enjoy being spanked, then we can incorporate it into our sex life whenever we like.”

Her eyes narrowed.  Two could play at this game, she thought.  “And if I don’t?”

He shrugged.  “If you don’t, then I promise that I’ll never bring it up again, and your bottom will be considered completely off limits.”

Kaelyn considered his words.  There it was.  All she had to do was agree to this one spanking, and then they would finally be able to put
an end to this ridiculousness.  She supposed that she knew this was what would have to happen the moment she had brought it up.  It
might cause some friction between them for awhile, but at least it would be done with.

“Okay,” she said after a moment.  “I’ll submit to a spanking.  But I won’t like it.”

“We’ll see,” was all he said.

Holt was really enjoying this, Kaelyn thought, having an almost irresistible urge to berate him about the smug look on his handsome face.  
But she hadn’t brought this up because she wanted to fight with him, she reminded herself.  She had to stay in control of her emotions so
they could get past this.  So, she simply lifted her chin and leveled her gaze at him.  “Let’s get it over with then,” she said stiffly.

To her surprise, her boyfriend chuckled.  “Uh-uh,” he said with a shake of his head.  “You’re so tense right now that you wouldn’t be able
to enjoy a spanking even if you wanted to.”

Her brow furrowed in confusion.  “That’s ridiculous!  You either like it or you don’t!”

Holt was still smiling as he reached out to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear.  “Spanking is like good sex; it’s best when there’s a little bit
of anticipation.  So, we’ll do it on Friday,” he said.  “We’ll have dinner at my place, and then watch a movie or something first.  I want to
make sure that you’re nice and relaxed.”

Relaxed? Kaelyn thought.  Was he kidding?  There was no way she was going to be relaxed, especially not when she had to wait all week
for him to spank her.  She almost told him right then to forget about the whole thing, but one look at Holt’s face told her that he was waiting
for her to do just that.  

“Fine!  We’ll do it Friday, then,” she muttered, giving him a dark look.  “I can hardly wait.”

Holt’s mouth quirked.  “Me, either,” he said, and the only difference was that he actually meant it.
It's Just a Job

The back room had what she supposed was the typical array of photography equipment.  Lighting stands, background murals, extension
cords and cables, and lots of expensive-looking cameras.  But she was also surprised to see that what looked like a partial kitchen had
been set up as well.  She could tell that it was all fake, of course, but it looked good, right down to the bowl of colorful fruit on the table.  
There were even two straight-backed chairs, and she couldn’t help but remember the brochures that Kaelyn had shown her, and what
they had pictured.  She would probably find herself draped over Alex’s knee on one of those chairs soon enough.  That thought got her
even more excited than she already was.  And she fought to get herself back under control.  It was just a job, after all.

Standing at one of the long utility tables across the room, Alex had his back to her, and he turned at her entrance.

Dressed casually in khaki pants and a long sleeve, button-up shirt – sans tie, this time – he looked even more handsome than he had the
day before, and Brooke felt her pulse do a little dance at the sight of him.  Setting down the paper he’d been looking at, he walked over to
where she stood, his silver-gray eyes taking in the outfit she was wearing as he did so.

Noticing the direction of his gaze, Brooke smoothed her short, floral-print skirt self-consciously.  “I hope this is okay,” she said by way of
greeting.  “You said to wear something I would on a date, so...”

Alex grinned approvingly.  “You look great.  In fact, what you’re wearing is perfect,” he said, his gaze lingering on her long legs for a
moment before he looked at her.  “You didn’t have any trouble finding the place, did you?”

“Not at all.  You give very good directions,” she told him, tucking her hair behind her ear.  “I ran into Tandy on the way in.  She said that
she’d just be a few minutes.”

He nodded.  “So, you met her.  Tandy’s really easy going.  I think you two will get along fine,” he said.  “But it’s good that we have a few
minutes before she comes in.  That’ll give us a chance to go over the shoot.”

She nodded.  “Okay.”

“In this series, we’re going for the bratty girlfriend/serious boyfriend,” he explained.  “You know, girls acts like a brat and her boyfriend
spanks her for it.”

Brooke wasn’t exactly sure how to act like a brat, but she didn’t ask.  Alex must have sensed her confusion because he gave a helpful

“Some of the other models I’ve worked with say that sometimes it’s helpful to actually have a scenario in mind.  Just to help get you into
character,” he told her.  “Let’s say for this one, that you spent a fortune on that outfit you’re wearing, and though it’s sexy as hell, your
boyfriend goes through the roof when he sees the credit card bill.  You, of course, feel that the money you spent to look that good is
completely justified, and aren’t above telling him so.  Even though you know you’re going to get a spanking, you refuse to back down.  
That’s just the kind of girl you are.”

Even though Brooke had no experience with the spanking scene, it was pretty easy to imagine the situation that Alex had described.  She
almost had to smile.  Though she wouldn’t have thought of it as bratty, she could see herself acting that way very easily, and the notion
that a handsome boyfriend like Alex would take her to task for it was suddenly very intriguing.

“We’ll start with some shots of you pouting and looking up at me defiantly while I scowl a lot.  I’m sure I have some receipts in my wallet that
I can hold up,” he continued.  “After that, I’ll put you over my knee and lift your skirt.  Don’t worry,” he added, giving her a grin when her
brow had furrowed.  “We’ll do a few warm-up shots before I pull your panties down.  Just remember, show me lots of attitude.”

Brooke’s pulse skipped a beat, blushing at the thought of Alex doing something so intimate as taking down her panties and baring her
bottom, and she was glad Tandy chose that moment to come into the room.  While Alex spoke with the photographer about exactly what
he wanted, Brooke wandered over to where the table and chairs had been set up.  After a few minutes, Alex joined her.

“I know that you’re probably nervous since this is our first time working together, but I promise to go easy on you,” he told her as Tandy
came over to them.  “And remember, if at any time you want to stop, just say the word, ‘red’”

Brooke was a little confused about that last part, but not wanting to look like the novice she was, she didn’t bother to ask him to elaborate.

Seeing that she and Alex were ready to begin, Tandy put them into position so that they were standing facing each other, after which, the
girl then spent a few minutes checking lighting and camera angles.  Brooke had to admit that she was impressed by how professional the
whole thing was.

“Okay,” Tandy said when she was finished.  “Brooke, time to let out your inner bad girl and give Alex a defiant little pout.”

Inner bad girl?  Brooke wasn’t sure that she even had one.  Remembering the scenario that Alex had given her to work with, however, she
obediently formed her lips into a pout and looked up at him from beneath lowered lashes only to find that he had folded his arms across
his broad chest and was glowering down at her.  Gazing up at him, she’d almost believe that he really was angry with her for some
misdeed.  And for some strange reason, her pulse went absolutely wild at the glint in his eyes.  Never had she had a man look at her in
quite that way before, but that no-nonsense expression on his handsome face was definitely doing things to her.

“That’s great, Brooke,” Tandy was saying over the clicking of the camera.  “Now, Alex just told you that he’s going to spank you for being
so naughty.  Look indignant.”

In truth, Brooke was so entranced by the gorgeous man standing in front of her that she barely even heard the other girl’s instructions, but
at the thought of him actually telling her that she was going to get a spanking, something came over her and she blushed again, her lips
parting almost of their own accord.

“Perfect!” Tandy said, her camera still clicking.  “You’re a natural at this.”

Brooke wasn’t so sure about that, but it was coming easier than she’d thought it would, much to her relief.

A few camera clicks later, Alex pulled out one of the straight-backed chairs and sat down.  In the next set of pictures, Brooke was
supposed to stand in front of Alex while he lectured her on the reason she was getting spanked.  At the touch of his hand on her arm,
however, Brooke could barely concentrate on anything other than how electric that touch was, and it took her a moment to get back into
character.  When she did, though, it was to experience that same thrill she had before at his stern expression.  If he really were actually
scolding her, she thought, she’d probably melt into a puddle of goo right there!

After a few shots like that, Tandy went off to change cameras, leaving Brooke alone with Alex, who was grinning.

“I know you said that you didn’t have any experience with this kind of modeling, but Tandy’s right.  You are a natural at this,” he said.  “I
can already tell that the photos are going to look great.  We may get enough out of this for a full magazine layout.”

Brooke smiled, thrilled beyond reason that Alex was happy with her performance, and would have said so, but Tandy came back over to
them.  “Ready?” the girl asked.

At the photographer’s question, Alex looked at Brooke, who nodded.  “Remember, if you want to stop, just use your safeword,” he said.

She didn’t really have time to think about what he had said as they spent the next few minutes taking multiple pictures of her getting pulled
over his knee.  It was almost getting funny because Tandy wanted to do it over and over again from different angles.  Finally, Tandy
announced that she had enough, and Brooke was left draped across Alex’s knees. Putting her hands on the floor to steady herself,
Brooke lifted up on her toes in an effort to get more comfortable, only to catch her breath when she felt Alex slowly run his hand up the
back of her thigh.

“Are you okay?” he asked, his hand pausing in mid-caress.

Brooke nodded, forcing herself to relax as Alex ran his hand up her leg again, Tandy’s camera clicking non-stop.  His touch felt good, too
good, she thought, and it was all she could do to remember that this was just a job.  Of course, having the camera clicking away helped to
remind her of that end, and she forced herself to concentrate on the sound as Alex lifted her skirt to reveal her skimpy bikini panties.  That
still didn’t keep her from blushing though, especially when Alex placed his strong hand on her bottom.

Then, before she even realized what he was doing, Alex had lifted his hand and brought it down on her panty-covered ass!
© 2012 Paige Tyler