Two Sexy Romances in One Book!


Travis McAlister never imagined his sweet, beautiful Chloe Sheridan would turn into Bridezilla,
but when they set the date for their wedding, Chloe changes right before his eyes. After weeks of
putting up with her demands, he decides it's time to take matters into his own hands and puts her
over his knee for a well-deserved spanking.

Travis wonders if warming her sexy bottom will be enough to get her to change her ways,
especially when there are still dozens of decisions to be made and an out-of-control bride
determined to make a major event out of every one of them!

A Date for the Wedding

Determined to make her ex-boyfriend jealous, Sabrina Kyle asks her gorgeous coworker Holden
Avery to be her date for a mutual friend's wedding. Her plan to make her ex jealous works
perfectly, but things go awry when Holden catches onto the scheme. Not pleased to find out she
used him, Holden drags her off for what he considers is a well-deserved spanking.

Sabrina is determined to stay as far away from Holden as she can after that, but back at the ad
agency they have to work on a new advertising campaign together. How can she work with a man
who spanks her every time they have a difference of opinion? And why the heck is she starting
to enjoy it?
Excerpt                                                                                                                                                                                © Paige Tyler, 2010


“I can’t believe what you did back at the club,” she said, tossing her purse on the table in the entryway.

Travis gave her a confused look. “Are you still going on about the DJ?”

“Of course I am.”

He threw his keys on the table beside her purse. “Chloe, we’ve been going round and round for months about which DJ to hire. If I left it up
to you, you’d be looking for one the day before the wedding, which happens to be next week.”

Her face colored. “I would not.”

He let out a snort.  “Right. That was the fifth DJ we saw. What were you going to do? Drag me to every club on the California coast until you
found the right one?”

“Don’t be so ridiculous!” she snapped. “I just wanted to check out a few more before we made a decision.”

Travis ran his hand through his dark hair. “Why? Everyone you talked to said this guy is really good. And he seemed to know what he was
doing at the club.”

“That’s not the point.” God, sometimes her boyfriend could be so infuriating. “You shouldn’t have made the decision to hire him on your

His mouth tightened. “For heaven’s sake, the guy is just playing records, Chloe! Why the hell would you ask him what his major was in

She lifted her chin. “I was just trying to get an idea of what kind of person he is.”
“Honey, we don’t care what kind of person he is. He can hold up a convenience store before the wedding, as long as he gets there on time.”

Chloe had to bite her tongue to keep from screaming. How could Travis be so cavalier about such an integral part of their wedding?
“Sometimes, I think you’re purposely trying to ruin the wedding.”

Travis wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close. “I’m not trying to ruin anything, honey. I just helped you pick out a DJ.”

“The wrong DJ,” she muttered.

“Maybe. Maybe not,” he said. “It doesn’t matter now, anyway. We’ve already hired him.”

Angrier than she’d ever been at Travis, Chloe put her hands on his broad chest and shoved him away from her. “You hired him, not me. I’m
going to call him right now and tell him we’ve changed our minds.”

Turning her back on him, she yanked open her purse to dig inside for the DJ’s business card, but Travis caught her arm.

“No, you’re not.”

She stopped digging to glare at him. “Yes, I am.”

He was silent a moment, the muscle in his jaw flexing as if he were trying to decide if it was worth arguing about it anymore. Well, she wasn’t
going to back down.

Finally, he swore under his breath. “Okay, that’s it.”

Chloe assumed that meant he was giving in, but to her surprise, her took her arm and marched her over to the sectional couch.

“Honey, what are you doing?” she demanded.

But Travis didn’t answer her. Instead, he sat down on the couch and in one swift motion, gave her arm a tug that sent her tumbling over his

Chloe was so stunned that she simply lay there draped over her boyfriend’s knee, her long, blonde hair hanging down around her face, her
hands on the carpeted floor. Then, almost automatically, she tried to push herself upright. Her boyfriend’s strong hand on her back held
her in place, though.  

Confused and more than a little annoyed, Chloe craned her head to look over her shoulder at him. “Travis, what...?”

“This had been building up for weeks now and it’s time I did something about it.”

Chloe opened her mouth to ask him what the heck he was talking about when realization suddenly dawned on her. She could think of only
one reason he would put her over his knee like this. He wouldn’t dare!

A  moment later, his hand connected with her upturned bottom with a sharp smack. She gasped. He would dare! He was actually spanking
A Date for the Wedding

She rounded on him the moment he closed the door. “So, what do we have to talk about that’s so private we couldn’t discuss it at the

Holden folded his arms across his broad chest and glowered at her. “How about the real reason you asked me to come to this wedding with

Sabrina felt her mouth go dry at the words. Dammit, he had figured out what she was up to. Well, she wasn’t going to admit anything.

She smoothed her hands down her silky slip-dress. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Like hell you don’t. You didn’t bring me here because you wanted to keep your matchmaking relatives at bay. You brought me only to
make your ex-boyfriend jealous. I don’t like being lied to or used, Sabrina.”

She ignored the flush of color rushing to her cheeks as she lifted her chin. “That’s not true.”

“No? Then why did you spend the entire night ignoring me and almost falling over yourself to get a glimpse of him? The only time you even
looked my way was when you thought he was watching. It was pathetic.”

Her color deepened. Oh God, she hadn’t been that obvious, had she? “I did no such thing.”  

He snorted. “Yeah, right. Apparently everyone here knew what you were up to except me. I kept wondering why you were so distracted, but
now I know. You made me look like a damn fool in there, Sabrina.”

“I didn’t mean...” she began, only to stop herself when she saw the dark look on Holden’s face. What difference did it make if she went
ahead and admitted everything? He already knew anyway. At the very least, she owed him an explanation. She still had to work with him,
five days a week. “I never meant to embarrass you, Holden. It’s just that Todd was going to be here with his new girlfriend and I didn’t want
to show up without a date.”

“So you picked me to be the lucky guy. Thanks.”

She groaned inwardly. When he said it like that, it made what she did sound even more manipulative. “I needed to show up with a guy who
was good looking and successful if I wanted to make him jealous, so yes, I picked you.”

His lips curled. “I’m so flattered.”

Sabrina bristled at the sneer in his voice. “Look, I told you why I did what I did. I don’t know what more you want me to say.”

“How about giving me an apology?”

She frowned. “That’s what I just spent the last two minutes doing.”

He lifted a brow. “Really? To me, it sounded more like you were trying to justify what you did.”

“Then you weren’t listening,” she snapped. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going back to the reception.”

She would have brushed past him, but he caught her arm. “Not until you learn some manners.”

Sabrina had no idea what he meant by that and she got even more confused when he led her over to the conference table. “What are you

He swung around to face her, a determined glint in his eyes. She hadn’t realized until that moment just how tall he really was, but he
towered over her.

“I told you. I’m going to teach you some manners,” he said softly. “Then I’m going to make sure you think twice before using some poor
unsuspecting guy the next time you want to make an ex-boyfriend jealous.”

Before she could ask what he meant, Holden sat down on one of the straight-backed chairs and dragged her over his knee. The breath
came out of her in a rush and Sabrina automatically tried to push herself upright, but a firm hand on her back held her in place.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she demanded, craning her neck to look at him. “Let me up right now!”

“Not until you learn your lesson,” he ground out. “This is something someone should have done a long time ago.”

She opened her mouth to once again demand he release her, but all that came out was a yelp of surprise as Holden lifted his hand and
smacked her upturned bottom.

The bastard was actually spanking her!
© 2012 Paige Tyler