Two Sexy Stories in One Book!

Austin Malone, Private Eye

After Taylor Cavanaugh’s sister goes missing, she turns to gorgeous private detective Austin
Malone for help. When he learns her sister has eloped with her boyfriend, Taylor is sure he
must be wrong and throws a tantrum that gets her put over Austin’s knee for a good, sound
spanking. Despite getting her bottom reddened, Taylor doesn’t learn her lesson. Instead, she
deliberately ignore his orders to stay out of his way and tags along on the hunt for her sister,
which earns her repeated spankings from the handsome private eye.

If Austin Malone is as insufferable and arrogant as he seems, then why is Taylor so drawn to
him? Is it because she knows he’s the only one who can find her sister? Or is it because deep
down she knows he’s exactly the kind of man she’s always been looking for?
The Girl Next Door

Unlike  her roommate, Amber Bennett isn’t into spanking, which is why she’s hesitant about attending a weekend spanking getaway in the
Bahamas.  But her friend assures her she’ll never know there’s any spanking going on.  

It turns out that her roommate is right.  Not only does Amber not hear a single spank the whole time she’s there, she ends up having a
wonderful vacation.  To make it even better, she meets an absolutely dreamy guy.  She and Colt Forrester immediately hit it off, and
sparks are flying between them before they even make it back to his room.  Colt’s hot looking, a great kisser and on top of that, he lives in
New York, just like she does.  Could it get any better?

But will Amber still feel the same about Colt after the evening takes a surprising turn and she learns he’s into spanking?
Excerpts                                                                                                                                                                                © Paige Tyler, 2011

Austin Malone, Private Eye

Austin Malone stood in the entryway for a moment, surveying the apartment. Though small, it had all the amenities, including a living room,
dining room, kitchen, bath and two bedrooms. Even though she’d hated the idea of Tiffany moving out, Taylor had to admit it was a cute
apartment. And Tiffany’s scholarship easily covered the cost.

“Does anything look out of place to you?” the private investigator asked as he walked into the living room.

Taylor shook her head. “No.”

She watched as he wandered over to the coffee table and picked up the stack of magazines there. Her brow furrowed. “What are you
looking for?”

She watched as he wandered over to the coffee table and picked up the stack of magazines there. Her brow furrowed. “What are you
looking for?”

He glanced at her. “Something that might give me a clue to where your sister may have gone.”

Taylor gave him a skeptical look as she walked into the living room. “By checking out what magazines she subscribes to?”

Malone tossed the magazines back onto the coffee table. “If one of them was a travel brochure from wherever it is that she went, then yes.”

“Did you find one?” Taylor asked, hurrying over to the coffee table to scoop up the magazines and leaf through them excitedly.

“I said, if one of them was a travel brochure,” he told her dryly. “None of them were.”

She dropped the magazines back on the table and gave him annoyed look. “Well, why didn’t you just tell me that, then?”

He shrugged. “I did.”

Taylor made a face at his retreating back as he walked into the kitchen. She wondered if the two-hundred-and-fifty dollars a day she was
paying him covered that dry wit of his or if he threw that in for free.

In the kitchen, Malone had opened the door of the refrigerator.

“What are you looking for in there?” she asked.

“Some people throw out things like milk if they know they’re going to be away for a while.”

Taylor edged closer to get a better look and immediately spotted the container of skim milk on the top shelf. “I was right! Tiffany didn’t throw
out the milk, so that proves she must have been kidnapped.”

He closed the refrigerator door. “Or it could mean that she just didn’t throw out the milk before she left. It’s skim milk, after all. The stuff can
barely be called milk in the first place, so it’s not surprising that it lasts forever.”

Taylor had to bite her tongue as she watched him make his way around the kitchen, opening drawers and cabinets, fingering through all
kinds of things. She couldn’t imagine what he possibly hoped to find, but she made no comment as he continued his search.

Finally done in that room, Malone left the kitchen and headed for the bedrooms, only to stop and turn back to Taylor when she started to
follow him.

“Maybe it would be better if you just sat out here on the couch and let me do my job,” he told her.

Taylor bristled at the condescending tone in the private detective’s voice. Folding her arms, she lifted her chin to look him squarely in the
eye. “No way. I just met you a few hours ago. I’m not about to let you go through my sister’s personal things without my being there.”

If she thought her words would insult him, Taylor was wrong. His expression barely changed at all.

He regarded her coolly. “Ms. Cavanaugh, you hired me to find your sister and I can’t work with you hovering over my shoulder demanding to
know what I’m doing every second. If you’ve reconsidered hiring me, just let me know and we can leave.” When she said nothing, he
continued. “I didn’t think so. Now, why don’t you do as I suggested and go sit on the couch?”

Taylor stared up at the handsome private investigator in stunned silence. How dare he order her around like that? And in her own sister’s
apartment, too! She should tell him to get the hell out.. In fact, the words were on the tip of her tongue, but for some reason, she couldn’t
make herself say them. Right now, Austin Malone was the only option she had for finding her sister. Was she prepared to let him walk out
the door simply because he was an obnoxious ass? She could put up with his arrogance if it meant getting Tiffany back safely.

“Fine,” she told him through gritted teeth.

Turning on her heel, she stomped over to the couch and threw herself down on it. Then, folding her arms and crossing her legs, she gave
him a glare.

Though Austin Malone scowled at her obvious show of petulance, he said nothing, but instead turned and walked into Tiffany’s bedroom.

From her vantage point on the couch, Taylor couldn’t see much of the bedroom, but she could hear Malone moving around in there. From
the sounds of it, he was looking through the dresser. An image of the private detective rifling through her sister’s panty drawer suddenly
popped into her head and she frowned. Without another thought, she jumped to her feet and hurried into the bedroom.

Malone was standing beside the bed, a small, leather-bound book in his hand. Her brow furrowed as she walked over to him.

“What are you reading?” she asked.

He looked up from the book to give her a frown. “I thought you were going to wait in the living room.”

She shrugged. “I was, but I got curious. So, what are you reading?”

“Your sister’s diary.”

Taylor’s eyes went wide. “Her what? You can’t read that. It’s personal!”

But he only turned the page and continued to read. “Of course it’s personal. It’s a diary. Which means it could give us a clue where she
might have gone.”

“She didn’t go anywhere. She was kidnapped,” Taylor corrected. “And I really doubt you’ll find an entry in there that says Get Kidnapped
Before Lunch.”

Taylor didn’t know what infuriated her more, the fact that Austin Malone was still reading her sister’s diary, or that he was ignoring her.
Refusing to put up with it anymore, she reached out and snatched the book from his hand. He gave her a scowl.

“What is your problem?” he demanded. “I’m a professional and could care less about your sister’s personal life, except where it relates to
her disappearance. I need to read that diary, so give it back.”

Malone reached for book as he spoke, but Taylor jerked it away. “No! I told you that I don’t want you reading my sister’s diary.”

His eyes narrowed as he took a step toward her. “Do you actually want your sister found, or not?”

She lifted her chin. “Of course I do. I just think it’s completely inappropriate for you to read her diary, that’s all.”

His brows drew together. “I don’t have time for this. There could be something in there that might put us on your sister’s trail.”

Taylor thought for a moment. She really doubted there would be anything relevant in her sister’s diary. But if Malone was right and there
really were something in it that could help them find her sister...

“I’ll read through it and let you know if I find anything suspicious,” she finally conceded.

He gave her an impatient look. “I’m not going to sit here while you read that whole diary. Besides, you’d probably miss anything important,
anyway. Now, stop playing around and give it back to me.”

When he reached for it again, Taylor backpedaled, putting the edge of the bed between them. “I said, no.”

He swore under his breath. “Okay, that’s it!”

Before Taylor could even react, Austin Malone had closed the distance between them and plucked the diary from her hand. Infuriated, she
made a grab for the book, but he tossed it on the bed. She immediately reached for it, but the bastard caught her arm and steered her away
from it. He was going to throw her out of the room, she realized.

“Hey!” she protested. “You can’t...”

But to her surprise, Malone wasn’t heading for the door. Instead, he sat down on the padded bench at the foot of the bed and, with a yank
on her arm, sent her tumbling headlong over his knee. For a moment, Taylor was so stunned that she simply lay there with her head
hanging down and her ass up in the air. She regained her senses quickly enough though, and when she did, she immediately tried to push
herself up off his lap. She didn’t even get halfway up before a strong hand on her back shoved her down and held her there.

Taylor had no choice but to put her hands on the floor to steady herself. Craning her neck, she looked at him over her shoulder. “What the
hell do you think you’re doing?” she demanded.

“Something someone obviously should have done a long time ago!” he ground out.

Her brow furrowing in confusion, she opened her mouth to retort, only to let out a startled, “Oh!” when she felt his hand come down on her
upturned bottom. Her blue eyes went wide. Oh God, the jerk had actually just spanked her!
The Girl Next Door

While the conversation came easily, Amber had to admit she found it difficult to focus on what Colt was saying during most of it.  More than
once, she found herself getting lost in those sexy blue eyes of his.  And when she wasn’t doing that, she was gazing down at his strong
hands and imagining what they would feel like caressing her body.  Maybe it was a good thing she hadn’t met him the first night she’d been
there, she told herself as they shared dessert, otherwise she might have spent the whole vacation in bed.  Which wouldn’t necessarily have
been a bad thing, she decided as she watched him lift a forkful of cake to his mouth and close his lips over the decadent dessert.  Dear
God, she could sit and gaze at him all night.

She and Colt probably would have sat there, too, if the waitress hadn’t come by for what seemed like the hundredth time asking if she could
get them anything else.

“I think that’s her subtle way of telling us to leave,” Amber said as the woman moved off.

Colt chuckled.  “I think you’re right. But that doesn’t mean the evening has to end just yet.  Want to come up to my room for a drink?”

Amber felt her pulse skip a beat at the look in his eyes.  He was asking her up to his room for much more than a drink, she knew, and she
hesitated for a moment.  She usually didn’t sleep with guys until the third date—at least—but Colt was really hot.  And she was on vacation,
she reminded herself. From everything—including her three-date rule.

She smiled at him.  “I’d love to.”

Colt’s room was on the eighth floor, but because the elevator stopped on every floor in between to let people on and off, it seemed like the
ride up took forever.  Now that Amber had made the decision to sleep with him, she was impatient to get his clothes off and see if he really
was as well-built as she thought.  By the time they stopped on Colt’s floor, Amber was ready to push him up against the wall in the corner of
the elevator and do him right there.

Which was why when Colt asked what she’d like to drink once they got to his room, she gave him a sultry smile. “You really didn’t ask me up
here for a drink, did you?”

He let out a soft chuckle. “Not really.”

“That’s what I thought.”

Sliding her hands up the front of his button-up shirt, she gently pulled him close for a kiss. Colt’s mouth was firm and insistent on hers, and
she melted against him with a little sigh of pleasure as his tongue intertwined with hers.  Damn, the man could kiss.

Sliding one hand in her hair, he ran the other over her hip to cup her bottom.  She could feel the heat from his skin through the thin material
of her skirt, and Amber moaned her approval against his mouth.

Colt abruptly tore his mouth away.  His breathing was ragged as he gazed down at her. “I want to...” he began.

She didn’t let him finish.  “Yes.”

Letting out a groan, Colt took her hand and led her over to the chaise.  Amber went eagerly.  She’d never had sex on one of those before.  
This was going to be fun.

But to Amber’s surprise, Colt didn’t pull her into his arms when he sat down, but guided her over one of his legs so that she was draped
over the chaise’s cushion.  She automatically pushed herself up onto her elbows, all set to ask what he was doing when she felt him caress
her upturned ass.  Oooh.  That was nice.  Very nice.

Settling back down on the chaise, Amber let out a soft, little moan, only to gasp in surprise when she felt him give her ass a light smack.

Her eyes went wide.  Had he just spanked her?
© 2012 Paige Tyler